Calvin and Hobbes : November 23, 1985

Calvin : What’s this?

Daddy : Taste it. You’ll love it.

Calvin : You KNOW you’ll hate something when they won’t tell you what it is.




Calvin and Hobbes : November 22, 1985

Daddy : Good night, Calvin.

Calvin : ‘Night, dad!

Calvin : HEY! Aren’t you going to say good night to Hobbes?!

Daddy : Good night, Hobbes.

Hobbes : That’s IT?! No story? No smooch??

Calvin : Go to sleep, you sissy.


  • smooch : 입맞춤
  • sissy : 계집애 같은 사내, “계집애냐. 잠이나 자.”

Calvin and Hobbes : November 21, 1985

Teacher : Show and tell is over, Calvin. Please put your “tiger” in your locker.

Calvin : In my Locker?! Hell suffocate!

Teacher : Well, at least put him under your chair.

Calvin : Whew! That was a close one!

Hobbes : I’ll say!

Calvin : Seven plus three. Hobbes : Seventy three.


  • suffocate : 질식하다.
  • that was a close one : 아슬아슬 했다. 큰일 날 뻔했다. (=That was close)
  • I’ll say : “내 말이!”, “그러게 말이야!”와 같은 의미

Calvin and Hobbes : November 18, 1985

Calvin : So long, pop! I’m off to check my tiger trap!

Calvin : I rigged a tuna fish sandwich yesterday. So I’m SURE to have a tiger by now!

Daddy : They like tuna fish, huh?

Calvin : Tigers will do ANYTHING for a tuna fish sandwich!

Hobbes : We’re kind of stupid that way. (munch, munch!)

  • so long : good bye와 비슷한 뜻으로, 가까운 사이에 사용하는 구어체.
  • pop : =daddy
  • be off to : 떠나다
  • that way : 그와 같이, 이처럼
  • munch : (음식 따위를 먹으며 내는 소리나 모양) 우적우적, 아삭아삭